Quality of life through freedom of movement

Pets in Balance is an animal physiotherapy centre where our passion and focus is to enhance your pet’s quality of life by restoring them to pain-free movement.

Animal physical therapy involves the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders by utilizing a range of techniques that assist the musculoskeletal and nervous systems by relieving pain, restoring mobility and enhancing the animal’s quality of life and athletic ability.

We are a team of people who are passionate about holistic patient care, especially for post-surgical, neurological and arthritic patients. We offer a variety of treatment options to best help your pet achieve his or her full potential.



Manual therapy is the use of skilled hand-movements on the body to improve tissue extensibility, normalise joint range of motion, reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and promote relaxation.


Therapy applied with the ultimate goal of the patient achieving independent function after an insult to the neurological system.


Hydrotherapy uses the therapeutic properties of warm water to improve range of motion, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and boost endurance.


Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of collimated, red light to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.


The application of electrical current through the skin (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), is used primarily to manage pain, often immediately post-operatively.

Therapeutic Ultrasound


Therapeutic ultrasound in physiotherapy is a form of physical therapy treatment that uses sound waves to create deep heat in the body’s soft tissues.


The use of specialized physiotherapy equipment is utilized when developing an exercise program best suited to the needs of your individual pet depending on his specific injury or surgery.


The use of the underwater treadmill offers low impact, high resistance exercise, providing a safe and comfortable way to achieve great weight loss, muscle conditioning and fitness results.


K-tape is a rehabilitative, cotton tape especially formulated to have positive effects on the body when applied by a practiced clinician.

Puppy Learn-to-Swim Classes


Be the first to experience Somerset West’s new Puppy Swim Classes! Sessions include orthopedic evaluation, desensitizing and strengthening.


There aren’t always enough hours in the day, but luckily, we can still travel to see your pet in the comfort of their own home to ensure they receive the necessary treatment and rehabilitation.


“Kiara has severe hip displaysia and was starting to become really stiff and limp in her joints…Pets in Balance is really good, they are extremely well trained and well focused. They never rush and know exactly how to handle my dog. Very professional and top-quality service!”


“Very sweet and patient with my horse… Bakkies absolutely adores Caleigh!”


“Our dog Amigo got run over by a car in June and sustained injuries to the pelvic and tail area. He had no control over his bowel movements and was continuously leaking urine. After going for a second opinion (the first vet we consulted was not very hopeful and suggested we put Amigo to sleep), I was referred to Caleigh. She worked wonders with Amigo! After each session we could see a definite improvement and after only 3 sessions Amigo could quickly return to his normal quality of life (master of the couch!). Caleigh really has a passion for animals and I highly recommend her services!”


“Amazing physio. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything you are doing for my boy!”


“Caleigh’s loving, caring and expert approach saw our pup make great progress. She bonded easily with him and took great care in explaining the exercises we were supposed do with him. We can’t believe it is the same pup, and simply love seeing the progress his has made!Thank you kindly Caleigh for caring about our little man with same love we have for him!”


“Thank you very much for everything you have done for us in such a short time. We really appreciate your professionalism and your huge passion that shines through so very clearly!”

Luc & Marie

“Caleigh is patient and extremely knowledgeable! All my horses and dogs love her! This lady has magic hands!”


“Thank you so much to Pets in Balance for helping our Snortie piglet who was born with splayed back legs…Without your help Snortie would have been put to sleep but now she has a chance at a normal life.”

Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary

“Amazing recovery. Pets in Balance helped Ragnar to build muscle, strengthen his legs and after he had a massive knee operation helped him at home to recover – this anxious, sensitive dog totally relaxes with them, loves them and allows them to help him. I am so grateful for their support, knowledge and magic touch!”


“Thank you Pets in Balance for all your support & patience for Puffels’ rehabilitation after cruciate and meniscus surgery! Top-notch veterinary physiotherapy and the underwater treadmill is just an amazing gem.”